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Senior product manager (Moscow)

Impulse Neiry is a software and hardware startup created to boost humankind evolution through developing and distributing brain-computer interfaces (BCI).
BCI is a tool to exchange information directly from brainwaves to a computer, without any external input/output devices (for example, fingers and keyboard or vocal cords and Alexa).
Let’s say, the user just thinks about an action, and the computer performs it. Elon Musk’s Neuralink does pretty much the same, however, they focus on invasive electrodes, surgically inserted into the brain. As for now, we are looking into non-invasive electrodes, the ones that are placed on a person’s head.
Our team has proven the technology functionality by developing the first device with its own software. The device is a market leader, according to its price-performance ratio, and it is being sold successfully.
Moreover, we performed a range of cognitive studies, published a number of scientific articles, and obtained sufficient funds to develop our products.

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We are looking for:

Our team is searching for a person with significant experience (including fuck-ups), big international ambitions, strategic thinking, powerful vibe, and outstanding communication skills! Our project is already proven to be successful, but it is not enough! That’s why we are looking for a proactive leader, the one, who can drive it to a new international level! In other words, we are looking for someone, who has long dreamed of launching his (her) own product, but was not quite sure about the idea. We are in search of someone, who is ready to do something nobody has ever done before: to create a product for the new interaction between human and computer.

We’ll find a common language if you:

●      Created product strategies from scratch, assessed product potential on a new market;
●      Have more than 3 years of experience in managing a team of product managers, experience in recruiting product team;
●      Launched/developed IT products with various monetization ways on the international market. Have good skills in conducting consumer interviews, knowledge on unit economics, product and marketing metrics.
●      Are able to work with your hands and love doing it; able to do big projects with a small team and a lot of contractors (internal and external);
●      Have a “sense of beauty” for exquisite UX/UI, and you can easily explain to the designers what you need without diving into unnecessary details;
●      Like to learn new things and are fluent in English.

Your future responsibilities:

●      Product development management, in the broadest sense of this phrase ;
●      Testing product hypotheses with minimal costs;
●      Building financial models and justifying budgets. Without red tape;
Compose technical specifications for development/revision/modification of the product and all its components;
●      Gradual development of product growth strategy, with variations across markets;

What we offer:

●      Innovative product with international potential;
●      Opportunity to discuss your own product ideas and consult with the Heads of Innovations from major international corporations across the industries;
●      Huge amount of difficult work with a high degree of uncertainty;
●      Freedom of actions in implementing your own ideas;
●      Driving team (internal and external) with minimal bureaucracy involvement ;
●      Participation in all the exhibitions and conferences throughout the industry;
●      Instant credit of trust and honest achievement evaluations later on;
●      High income level in a fully legal company environment;
●      Flexible hours and comfortable office 10 minutes away from Baumanskaya metro station.

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