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Director of Neurotechnology / Chief Science Officer (Moscow)

Impulse Neiry is a high-tech startup that functions at the confluence of science, virtual reality technologies, brain-computer interfaces and data science. We are looking for an experienced person to lead us towards a major direction and also to be responsible for the scientific component of our projects.
We are looking to enter the market, and to prove the scientific viability of our projects, while at the same time establishing our brand in the scientific community.

If you are ambitious, ready to find and achieve compromises between scientific and business tasks, you are welcome!

Main tasks:

●      Form strategies for the company’s scientific development;
●      Develop science-driven component of company’s commercial products;
●      Engage in development of brain-computer interfaces;
●      Organize the work of science team for projects;
●      Leading the neurophysiologists and research teams;
●      Develop research design and organize scientific experiments;
●      Develop concepts and apply for scientific grants and other scientific research funding instruments;
●      Interact closely with the project team (data science, hardware, gamedev);
●      Search and recruit scientific advisors and consultants (in both Russia and overseas);
●      Organize interaction with scientific organizations, institutions and laboratories;
●      Represent the company in the international scientific community.

We are interested to have a conversation if you have:

●      Higher education in the field of neurophysiology or psychophysiology;
●      Postgraduate in the neuroscience or cognitive science field;
●      Understanding of the BCI market: main players, trends, development prospects;
●      Deep knowledge and understanding of the brain-computer interface operation principles;
●      Experience in developing and creating brain-computer interfaces;
●      Experience in managing a research laboratory or science division in a company;
●      Experience in leading a science team;
●      Experience in organizing and conducting scientific researches;
●      Experience in obtaining grant funding;
●      Scientific articles and publications;
●      Good command of English.

It  would be a plus if you have:

●      Expertise in electronics development (intensifiers, wet/dry electrodes) and BCI algorithms;
●      Additional education in mathematics, programming, or related fields;
●      Experience in the implementation of commercial projects as a scientific supervisor, scientific consultant, stakeholder or team lead;
●      Experience in transferring the developed technologies from scientific to applied field;
●      Experience in creating products based on developed technologies.

We offer:

●      Official employment under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, fully legal competitive salary will be discussed at the interview;
●      Convenient working hours and comfortable office 10 minutes away from Baumanskaya and Elektrozavodskaya stations;
●      International projects;
●      Paid business trips to participate in local and international conferences;
●      Professional team of researchers, neurophysiologists, programmers and data science specialists;
●      Opportunity to work on the creation of promising science-driven technologies;
●      Resources to implement the most courageous and ambitious scientific tasks;
●      Unlimited space to expand the scope of scientific interests;
●      Publications in the most popular Q1 and Q2 scientific journals;
●      Reimbursement of expenses in learning English;
●      Established contacts with leading universities, research laboratories, and other relevant organizations.

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