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Neiry is an EdTech product that helps schools to improve academic progress and boost cognitive abilities of students.
What's Neiry?
Our product is a bundle of hardware and software - virtual reality headset with built-in brain-computer interface, VR-games for education and application to track students progress.
Our mind-controlled virtual reality games are designed to accompany instructor-led courses and consolidate knowledge by using students' concentration in educative gamified environment.
How does it work?
Unique educational game content that helps improve brain concentration level and memory. Created with graphics designed to hold attention, Neiry will immerse students in education like never before!

Our in-house BCI reads brain impulses and translates them into actions in the game. That's literally mind-controlled games - students just need to concentrate on the objects in games to play. Yep, the future is here.
Player is provided with instructions.
You need to choose an animal by focusing on it.
Player gets the right answer after each round.
Game sample
Improved average grades
Cognitive boost and consolidated knowledge students get by using Neiry on a regular basis will result in average grade improvement.

Research proves that using Neiry grants +0.5 average grade increase.

That's one small step for a student, one giant leap for career!

Track students engagement
Every educator wants to know if students are engaged in the classroom and Neiry finally makes it possible!

Our technology allows to reward most engaged students and encourage others to be engaged.

And more engagement means better academic results, truly a game changer!
Why do schools need Neiry?
  • Monitor students' progress: Neiry allows educators to track how students are keeping up after each class.

  • Superb immersion for classes: virtual reality offers endless opportunities to visualise complex concepts and immerse students in them.

  • Improved students' learning skills: boost concentration level, memory capacity and other skills - that will help them in future to open so many doors.

  • Increased students' engagement: dealing with emerging tech is thrilling and switches education to edutainment - students want to study this way.
Teachers, principals or school district leaders - all educators appreciate the values of Neiry as it benefits them all.
  • Increased school ratings: average grades, academic awards, enrolment rates and other crucial benchmarks.

  • The bigger picture: Neiry API allows you to integrate it into your school management system.

  • School image boost: spread the word about innovations at your school.

  • Improved students' learning and soft skills: more concentration, faster reaction, consolidated knowledge and much more.

District leaders
  • Whole picture: monitor and compare school-metrics between each other within your district.

  • Increased district ratings: average grades, academic awards, enrolment rates and other crucial benchmarks.

  • District image boost: spread the word about innovations at your district.

increase of average grades
boost of memory capacity after 5 sessions
concentration improvement after 5 sessions
times more entertaining knowledge consolidation
Please check these scientific studies on how VR-tech helps improve learning process:
As Impulse Neiry is not only improving immersion and engagement, but also boosting learning skills and cognitive abilities, prepare for even better results.

The syllabus-tied concept
We offer two ways to implement Neiry at schools, but there are no limits – we can customise them for your school with your help.
Neurointerfaces-course concept
We design quiz-type VR-games based on current curricular syllabus, related to any preferred subjects. At the end of lesson, students put on the headsets and complete the quiz for 5 — 10 minutes.

Pre-built library of questions for each lesson and questions import feature allows educators to customize quizzes with a user-friendly cloud based platform.
We will help you to implement next-gen courses on neurointerfaces. World famous scientists develop the course jointly with us to allow schools to provide contemporary education.

Your students will be fully prepared to face the high-tech future with full knowledge of brain-computer interfaces, virtual reality and how to develop software for this tech.
Each concept utilises Neiry products to boost learning skills, consolidate knowledge and increase cognitive abilities of students.

Both concepts imply Neiry 24/7 technical support and implementation guidance.
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