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High-tech games for kids and adults that develop cognitive abilities in the most efficient way — with brain-computer interface.
* according to research studies
Neiry is ranked in the top 100 EdTech startups in the CIS and Russia
The international analytical company HolonIQ and the global conference EdCrunch announced the best companies of the EdTech market in Russia and the CIS. Neiry was featured in this ranking as startup that creates educative brain-controlled VR games.
Educative virtual reality games controlled by nothing more than the "power of thought".
One can significantly increase their cognitive abilities by playing Neiry for just уууу minutes a day.
Truly helpful games
We develop games jointly with the best educational methodologists in the sphere of cognitive abilities improvement. But most importantly - our games are really thrilling, you'll want to play them again and again. Memory and concentration improvement have never been so fun and easy.
Improved average grades
Cognitive boost and consolidated knowledge students get by using Neiry on a regular basis will result in average grade improvement.

Research proves that using Neiry grants +0.5 average grade increase.

That's one small step for a student, one giant leap for career!

Track students engagement
Unlike usual and dull education approaches, Neiry games reward most engaged students and encourage others to be more engaged.

With enabled engagement tracking it's now easy to monitor whether students are really plunged in the learning process.

And more engagement means better academic results!
Development of abstract thinking
Technology's ability
Improvement of academic performance in schools
or universities
Improvement of concentration
Memory training
Higher achievements
in career
Unlike most other neuroheadsets in the market, we use a unique technology to analyse brain impulses.
The technology detects evoked potential of P300 - slight changes in the electrical activity of the visual cortex. They were generated in the brain at a speed of 300 ms in response to any external stimuli, presented by different objects in the game.
Filtering followed by summing and averaging of the signals from the visual cortex allows our technology to highlight the potential against the background of the entire electroencephalogram. Together with machine learning methods and neural network classifiers, we can precisely detect which object one is looking at.
How it works
The cognitive component is the P300 technology's distinctive feature. A user can reach the maximum level of concentration by focusing on objects in the game.
As a result it helps to improve both the accuracy and the speed, along with the development of cognitive abilities, such as the capacity of working memory, selectivity and spatial attention.
The P300 methodology gives a more notable result in improving cognitive abilities than any other neuroheadsets designed for such purposes. In combination with virtual reality, we create a fully immersive experience without any distractions.

Track your progress
User-friendly application with a personal account allows users to track the progress and stats conveniently.
Advantages of conjoining VR and Education
Engagement boost
VR allows to immerse students in any complex educational concepts and processes
examine objects from a distance or dive in every detail with VR
VR encourages active interaction rather than passivity
learner explores new knowledge areas with VR
VR grabs and holds attention of students
The whole picture
Full immersion
Endless discovery opportunities
How it already works in schools
Neiry team, with support of the Moscow Innovation Agency, has carried out a pilot implementation on innovative neuro-control VR quizzes which provide training for children in Moscow School of Young Politicians Gymnasium 1306.
How it already works in schools
Impulse Neiry team, with support
of the Moscow Innovation Agency, has carried out a pilot implementation
on innovative neuro-control VR quizzes which provide training for children
in Moscow School of Young Politicians Gymnasium 1306.
Games target audience
Neural connections are extremely elastic in this period and that is why cognitive practices yield better and lifelong results.
8-16 y.o. kids
17-23 y.o. students
Improving concentration and memory abilities helps students to learn easier and faster, achieve better grades and to have more chances in getting good jobs after graduation.
24+ y.o. adults
Numerous studies demonstrated that the ability to concentrate on one task has significant impact on one's execution speed and efficiency. People with higher concentration level hold more worthy positions.
We use our in-house BCI bundled with VR-headset to interact with brain. For your convenience, we use only trusted vendors' headsets that don't require any additional spacing and fall under "stand alone" category.
Neiry capabilities
* BCI devices without VR-headsets are also available for purchase. Content will be screened on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
Try out the most innovative product in the market right now!
We are already implementing our devices in some of the most famous schools that you might know.
Want to be the coolest school in town?
Standard kit includes:
What will I get by purchasing the product?
State-of-the-art Pico headset that doesn't require any additional space - you can use it wherever convenient, sitting or standing.

Advanced EEG* device with dry electrodes that doesn't mess up your hair, which is comfortable
for prolong wearing, apart from looking stylish.

Software that will help to improve cognitive capacities.

USB-C charging kit.

All the above mentioned are packaged in a classy unit box, which is absolutely perfect for a gift.

* Neiry is not a medical device and can not be used for any health care purposes.
Research papers
When creating new algorithms, our team of scientists conducts global research, which is documented in scientific journals. Moreover, we use scientific papers of our colleagues from all over the world.
Neiry is better than other BCI products
We have our own hardware: BCI headset with 7 dry electrodes, that could be customised and connected to the VR headset.
We have our own software: special algorithms based on neural networks that excludes any calibration processes on new users.
Our BCI-headset is definitely user-friendly and comfortable to wear.
Our hardware has stable parameters that could simplify signal processing and data analysis.
We work with all of the most used BCI-paradigms: P300, Neurofeedback, Motor Imagery, SSVEP and Rhythm analysis.
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Tilda Publishing
The research is carried out by Neiry LLC with the grant support of the Skolkovo Foundation.